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Dr Madeleine Portwood, Child Psychologist, Early Years Specialist


Tree Fu Tom: Developing Skills For Classroom Learning

Tree Fu Tom online has been designed to encourage children of all abilities to develop the skills that are essential for classroom learning. The games include three different levels of difficulty so that all young children can play and challenge themselves.

How does it work?

The ‘Games’, ‘Adventures’ and ‘Spell School’ target critical areas of development.

Reading & Spelling?

Before a child is able to read they need to be able to decipher the shapes of letters and to do this they require good perceptual skills. Matching shapes in games such as Magic Build A Wall and Ladybird Lasso promotes visual recognition and encourages the child to remember the outline of an object. This will make it easier for them to remember the shapes of letters and of ‘whole’ words when they are learning to read and spell.

To become fluent in reading it is important to be able to scan a sentence from left to right. Left-right tracking activities are incorporated in several of the games, including Teabiscuit Tackle and Chuckleberry Size-o-Scope, as well as in the Adventures and Spell School. The spells also help with the development of the physical skills that make handwriting flow.


The activities that focus on perceptual awareness (those that involve shapes and patterns) also introduce the basics of mathematics.

Processing Ability

All of the activities in Tree Fu Tom online encourage children to organise their thoughts and develop strategies to complete tasks. Quick thinking is essential in Super Splat Shield and Tower Climber. As the games become more difficult, the children’s processing ability speeds up.


Success has a great affect on how a child feels about themself. Tree Fu Tom incorporates a star reward system to encourage children to continue playing. As they play the games they can see their skills improve, which makes them want to continue.


In the early years, children learn through repetition. By making the activities challenging and exciting, children are unaware that they are practising visual tracking, improving perceptual awareness and speeding up their thinking.

Tree Fu Tom online is great for kids, it’s educational, but most of all it’s fun.

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