Tree Fu Tom: Behind The Spells

Watch a behind the scenes film about how the spells were designed to help children develop crucial movement skills.

Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom: Behind The Spells

Programme Summary

Tree Fu Tom is about the amazing adventures of a young boy called Tom who, with the power of ‘movement magic’ called ‘Tree Fu’, can transform into a tiny but mighty magical super hero and travel to a wondrous enchanted kingdom called Treetopolis that exists in a tree in his back garden.

All spell movements have been developed from those used to help children who have movement disorders and difficulties such as Dyspraxia, and the spell sequences have been designed by movement specialists/therapists to assist and enhance the development of all children – regardless of whether they have any movement challenges – at a crucial time in their growth.

To find out more, visit the Tree Fu Tom website , or visit the Tree Fu Tom programme page.

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