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by Heather Welford. Make the most of events and outings, with some great-value, photo fun.

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You may not want to entrust your smartphone or expensive camera to your child - so instead buy a couple of cheap disposable cameras and let them have fun snapping away with them.

Your child could take the cameras to the park, on a day trip or just around the house to capture their favourite things.

Help them create a 'picture diary' when the photos are developed. Remember to label and date the pictures.

How to make a magic moment

Single-use cameras are child's play - and along with the fun, there's a lot of thinking and learning going on too (both at the same time and afterwards).

Usually there are only 12 exposures on each camera so your child will need to consider when and why to take a snap.

Help your child work out the best moments to take their pictures, and keep an eye on how many they have left.

Encourage your child to take a variety of shots - it will make a better record of their day.

Once home, send the camera for processing as soon as you can, so there's not too long to wait before the next step. Some processors will put your shots onto a CD for you to print out yourself, and this means your child can make multiple copies too.

Buy (or make) an album and place selected shots in order, one or two on each page. Use a glue stick to fix the pictures carefully on the page, with room for a caption next to each one. If your child can't write, let them tell you what they want the words to be.

Your child can design and make a cover for their picture diary - and don't forget to ensure that the date they took the photos is somewhere prominent on the outside or the inside. Happy snapping!

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Top tips

  • You can buy single-use cameras very cheaply, often in poundshops or supermarkets.Some disposables have processing included in the price (check at the time of buying). Otherwise you need to factor this in to the overall cost.Nice pics can be stuck onto the front of a home-made card - lovely for grandparents to receive as a 'thank you' for a day out or as a birthday card.Your child could cut up some of their snaps to make a collage or they could use mount a sequence of photos on some card to make 'a day in the life of' scene.

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