Sid and CBeebies Little Swimmers Make a Big Splash

Double Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington joins Sid and the Splashtime gang some swimming tips.

Sid and Rebecca

Sid and CBeebies Little Swimmers Make a Big Splash

At CBeebies, swimming is one of our favourite activities. So when Sid heard about the nationwide 'Big Splash' Campaign which wants people to learn how to swim and inspire more people to swim regularly, he dived straight in!

Sid had a fun day splashing in the pool with his Splashtime gang where they played lots of games and activities to help improve swimming confidence and ability. As a special treat, Double Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington swam by to give Sid and the gang some top tips.

‘The day was fantastic’ said Sid, ‘it was great to see all the children who were very keen to learn – the little splashers - and it’s very important for them to learn to be confident in the water.’ Sid continued by saying you don’t have to be a fish in the water to enjoy swimming. ‘As long as they get involved and they’re happy, comfortable and safe in the water - that’s the most important thing - the technique comes a little bit later and that’s when they start to really have fun and swim proper lengths.’

To kickstart your little splashers swimming adventure watch the films where Sid and the gang show you various swimming games you can play in the pool. All the activities in the films were created with the ASA and aim to cater for different stages of swimming ability with the overall goal of improving swimming confidence.

Take a look at the clips:

'Swim like an Olympic Star', introduces movement through the water and shows you different ways you can move through the water.

'Splashtime Fun', promotes more advanced games to play in the water and includes floating in the water and fully submerging the body.

To find out more about the various swimming activities you can do with your child visit the ASA website. So go on! Take a dip in your local pool with your little swimmer and make a ‘Big Splash.’

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