CBeebies Storytime App

Free CBeebies Storytime app for kids

CBeebies Storytime App

CBeebies Storytime App

The CBeebies Storytime app launched in August 2014 and you can enjoy two brand NEW free CBeebies stories in this latest release!

The app is designed to help children and grown-ups enjoy reading stories together. The app is free and available to download now via Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores. For more information or support please do visit the CBeebies’ apps section of our Grown-ups FAQ page.

CBeebies Storytime aims to make reading fun, with playful and imaginative stories designed to help support Early Years reading. Every story is brought to life with magical things to touch, swipe and play with, and questions to help develop comprehension skills, so you and your little ones can enjoy reading, playing and learning together.

More stories
We at CBeebies HQ are busy creating lots more ‘big stories for little fingers’ for you and your little ones to enjoy together, along with some exciting new features coming in the near future. You can keep up to date with the latest news and information right here.

Secret tip: Each of the stories contains hidden interactions and fun things to play with along the way – see how many you can find!


Once downloaded you can open the CBeebies book and discover a world of stories waiting for you with every turn of the page. Choose your favourite story book from eight classic CBeebies shows.

The app features two reading modes, to accommodate different reading abilities and styles:

  • Read to me - is narrated by a CBeebies character or presenter and lets children listen while they follow the story.
  • Read by myself - lets children read the story with a parent or friend or enables them to read by themselves at their own pace.
  • The Storytime app also features a dedicated Grown-ups section which includes useful tips to help you support your child’s reading development.

    An accessibility mode helps children with a range of abilities to enjoy reading stories. This is activated via the Grown Ups ‘more info’ section of the app and includes: audio and visual prompts, large ‘hit areas’ for children with motor difficulties, so they can touch anywhere on screen, a highlight that systematically moves around all interactive elements of the story allowing children with visual impairments to interact with all areas of the story via a one-touch input method and story interactions that move on automatically after a few seconds so that children who may have difficulty can still continue with the story.

    The Grown-ups section of the Storytime app also includes links to more free, fun things to enjoy from CBeebies on your mobile and tablet.

    Safety is extremely important to us and we understand how important it is for CBeebies families. The app is free to download, completely free from any advertisements or in-app purchases and features a parental lock for any external links, keeping little fingers safe to read, explore and play.

    No need for Wi-Fi or mobile connection
    Once you have downloaded the CBeebies Storytime app to your mobile or tablet device, you no longer need an internet connection. Your little one can enjoy their CBeebies stories out and about and on the go, making it perfect for long car journeys and reading anytime.

    The Stories

    NEW Sarah and Duck - Balloon Race
    Sarah and Duck take to the air to help Scarf Lady in the annual Balloon Race. Read the story to see if Duck can help guide them through the clouds and provide that little bit of extra whoosh to the finish line.

    NEW Peter Rabbit - The tale of the Unguarded Garden
    Join: Peter, Lily, Benjamin and Cotton-tail as they venture into Mr McGregor’s garden whilst he is away. Unexpectedly they find themselves trapped by Mr Tod and it’s Cotton-tail to the rescue.

    Old Jack’s Boat – One Dark Night
    Join Old Jack and Salty on an adventure on the open sea in ‘One Dark Night’ read by Bernard Cribbins. It's night time and the moon and the stars have gone off to a party. It’s too dark for Jack and Salty to sail home, but Charlie the Squid comes to the rescue.

    Show Me Show Me – Miss Astromouse
    Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee read 'Miss Astromouse', a story of adventure and discovery as Miss Mouse journeys to the Moon to see if it really is made of cheese.

    Something Special – Mr Tumble at the Beach
    Mr Tumble is hiding at the beach, read the story to help find where Mr Tumble could be.

    Grandpa in My Pocket – Babysitting Bonglebirds
    Josh and Elsie help Grandpa babysit three adorable but mischievous baby Bonglebirds, while their mother goes to fetch them a nice juicy worm. Suddenly the baby Bonglebirds go missing and Grandpa goes on an adventure to find them and bring them back home safely.

    Octonauts and the Colossal Squid
    CBeebies presenter Andy Day reads this story filled with action and adventure as the Octopod is grabbed by a colossal squid in the Midnight Zone. Join Captain Barnacles and all of the Octonauts on an exciting mission to explore, rescue and protect.

    Charlie and Lola, Hurry Up
    In this charming story, read by CBeebies Presenter Katy Ashworth, Charlie and Lola are getting ready for school; it’s reading day and Lola is taking an extremely long time to get ready and she can’t find her reading book!

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