CBeebies Playtime App updates

New free CBeebies Playtime app games for kids

CBeebies Playtime App

CBeebies Playtime App updates

The CBeebies Playtime app launched on the 15th August 2013 and is available to download now via Apple, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone 8 app stores.

Back in August we promised there’d be more games coming into the app, and we're delighted to announce that it’s about to get prehistoric, with the third new game addition: Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure game!

Children can travel back in time and join Andy on a dinosaur adventure; take care of their very own dinosaur, find out what food it likes to eat and help Andy feed it, teach it to ROAR, personalise it by changing its colour or even take its photograph to keep and share with their family and friends.

The fun doesn’t stop there! We asked our audiences 'what would be the best thing you could do with a Dinosaur?' and we had some brilliant answers ranging from 'go to my Nana’s with it', to 'go to the supermarket with it', but one of the best answers helped inform part of our Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure game - 'ride it!'. With the CBeebies Playtime app, little ones and even big kids too, can ride on their very own dinosaur. By moving their device around they can also collect photographs of other dinosaurs they see along the way for Andy to take back to his friend Hatty at the National History Museum.

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure game also allows children to use Andy’s iconic 'Gizmo' to learn interesting things and fun facts they didn’t know about dinosaurs; how big they were, how much they weighed and lots more!

There’s more! CBeebies Playtime is a fun and educational app for kids and all fans of CBeebies. The app has six other fantastic games designed to aid child development, featuring CBeebies favourites; Nina and the Neurons, The Octonauts, Tree Fu Tom, Mr Tumble, Alphablocks and Make a Picture.

Make a Picture has proven extremely popular, so in this update Make a Picture has been treated to a piratey 'Swashbuckle' make-over, which means children can have fun creating swashbuckling artwork with pirate stickers and frame it all with a buccaneer theme!

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing your little one’s creations via the CBeebies Grown Ups Facebook and Twitter accounts and hope to see more Pirate masterpieces soon!

Simply download or update the app now.

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Even More coming soon...
We are always interested in your suggestions and ideas and many of you have got in touch to tell us what you and your little ones love about the app, what their favourite game is and what you’d like more of. With more exciting games and updates planned for 2014 (including new words for Alphablocks!) you can keep up-to-date with all of the latest news and information right here!

No need for WiFi or mobile connection
Once you have downloaded the CBeebies Playtime app to your mobile or tablet, you no longer need an internet connection. Your little one can take their CBeebies world out and about; at the supermarket, in the car, or even on holiday abroad!
It’s a great way to keep little ones entertained without having to worry about a Wi-Fi connection or eating into your data allowance.

It’s free!
CBeebies Playtime is a free children’s app. It’s available to download from August 15th 2013. The CBeebies Playtime App is free from in-app purchases, which means that you can let your little one explore freely without having to worry. The App will also be updated regularly with even more great free games and features to keep your little one entertained.

It’s educational
As with everything we do at CBeebies, the games in this app have all been designed to help little ones learn while they play.

Give your child a personal message
The CBeebies Playtime App is packed with great features for grown-ups so you can keep a track of what your child’s learning as they play. One of these is the ability to surprise their child with a special message on their birthday or reward them for good behaviour, either by recording their own personal message or choosing from a selection of messages from a CBeebies Presenter. You can find this in the Grown-ups section using the text button at the bottom of the screen.

We know our audience must have been extremely well behaved since August last year as the Special Message has been sent over 535,000 times.

How to download
You will need to be connected to a WiFi connection to download the app initially. Once you are connected, simply go to the app store on your mobile or tablet. For iPhone, iPad and all Apple devices go here, for Android devices go here, for Kindle Fire devices go here and for Windows Phone 8 devices go here. You can also search for 'CBeebies Playtime' in your app store.


Profiles: There will be no need for sibling squabbles, as each child will be able to create their very own CBeebies profile in the form of a Hot Air Balloon. They can pick their favourite shape and pattern or even take their photo to decorate their balloon. Their profile will store their individual progress and achievements. Grown-ups can add up to four profiles to the CBeebies Playtime app.

Earn Rewards: Our bouncy CBeebies Bugs are playing hide and seek! As your child enters the CBeebies world the game is on - by playing the four brand new games they can earn, find and collect CBeebies Bugs w hich they can choose to place in their CBeebies world. They can earn up to three bugs per game and their profile will store their progress and achievements.

Grown-ups Tips: There are some great features for grown-ups in the Cbeebies Playtime app too. This section of the app provides parents with tips on how they and their little ones can get the most out of the CBeebies Playtime app. They can also get valuable bite size information about the games, the associated learning values and useful links to more comprehensive information available from the CBeebies Grown-ups website. Any external links are protected by a text passcode lock to ensure the app is a safe environment for children to play and explore in.

Give a Special Message: This feature is unique in that this section allows grown-ups to surprise their little one with a special message or reward them for good behaviour, either by recording their own personal message or choosing from a selection of messages from a CBeebies presenter. The special message is displayed as a shooting star, associated with the child’s individual profile, as they enter their world they can activate the message by tapping the star, which triggers a visual and audio display. They can replay the message that day as many times as they like, then it will reset at midnight for you to reward your child again and again.

More About the Games

Tree Fu Tom – Chuckleberry Chase: Little ones have to help Tree Fu Tom and his friends save the day by catching the cheeky Mushas who have taken all of the Chuckleberries for the Harvest festival and collecting as many berries as they can along the way.

Alphablocks – Word Magic: This game helps young children to develop reading and writing skills by having fun and making words with the Alphablocks.

Octonauts – Cadet Training: Little ones can be part of the Octonauts team and train as a Cadet helping to explore, protect and rescue sea creatures in need of help. Using voice and moving the device is a fun added element to this game.

Something Special – Paint Pop: Here, Mr Tumble and his friends need help to paint various objects for their special day out. This game aims to be suitable for all children including those with special needs allowing parents to customise the game controls and input to help accommodate various abilities, allowing them to have fun and develop confidence.

Make A Picture: Little ones love finger painting and this game allows them to; get creative, use their imagination and develop their artistic skills - all using their fingers! Children can start with a blank piece of paper, choose a picture to colour in or take a photo of themselves, their favourite toy or even Mum and Dad to start making a picture. There are plenty of giggles to be had with googly eyes and moustache stickers. They can even get creative with the ‘rolling paint ball’, tilting the device to move it around and paint a picture.

Nina and the Neurons – Earth Explorers: A strategy game that lets children explore our Planet and the Solar System. Little ones are free to travel across the Moon, Mars, the Mountains and even the Antarctic by building their very own Space-Rover using different components to suit the terrain. Children must then use their fuel cleverly to explore as far as they can to collect rocks and fossils, picking up interesting facts about each place along the way.

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure: This game allows child to travel back in time for a pre-historic adventure, taking care of their very own dinosaur, finding out what food it likes to eat, teaching it to ROAR, personalising it by changing its colour and learning fun facts about our Dinosaurs along the way. Each dinosaur is represented by a badge shown on their virtual back-pack, which looks just like Andy’s. Children can use the buttons along the bottom and on the right of the screen to care for and play with their dinosaur. When the buttons change colour to orange or red that means the dinosaur needs something, it might be hungry, bored or needs some exercise. The more they play the more dinosaurs and badges they can collect, up to a maximum of three. To find out more visit our Andy Dinosaur Adventure activity page.

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