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When on holidays, family days out, having fun, being outdoors with your child you never leave CBeebies behind, just take us on the go!

We have launched our first ever mobile view, so you can now play CBeebies games on touch screen mobile phones and tablets wherever you are!

The launch of touch screen technology on mobile phones and tablets has emerged a platform that is instinctively intuitive to young children. As well as being fun, research suggests that because a touch screen device is so tactile and user friendly for little fingers, it can even benefit a child’s development and increase the ability to learn whilst they play.

The CBeebies mobile view has three brand new games:

  • Fun with Justin, featuring the Bafta award winning CBeebies presenter, Justin Fletcher MBE, which captures the fun antics, and comedy chaos of the popular TV series, Justin’s House

  • also reflected in: Find Little Monster, a game of ‘peek a boo’ with Robert the Robert, Justin’s helpful butler and the mischievous and cheeky, Little Monster

  • Paint with Little Monster, a game in which children can splat and splash or create a work of art with Little Monster, that won’t require an ounce of scrubbing or cleaning up by Mum

  • And a family favourite:
  • Mike the Knight Pairs game so your little one can "Be a knight, do it right," with Mike the knight and friends, anytime, anywhere.
  • “Are we there yet?” will be a thing of the past, as you can now keep your little ones enthralled and entertained; in the car on long journeys, out and about, at home or wherever they may be.

    CBeebies understands that little ones don’t stay still for very long and the launch of the mobile view allows us to be there for our young audience as they get active and get ‘on the go’!


    This summer you can take CBeebies Radio with you wherever you go – CBeebies Sounds of Summer is a series of downloadable podcasts capturing five activities you might get up to during the holidays; a picnic at the park, a trip to the seaside, a long car journey, getting ready to go on a holiday… even being stuck indoors on a rainy day!

    Presented by Alex, this collection of poetry, song and story-time is set against a backdrop of summery sounds, giving your child the chance to sing along with Chris and Pui from Show Me Show Me, to listen to i-spy stories in the car and to play along with our CBeebies Spot sheets, bringing their own games of i-spy to life.

    Visit CBeebies Radio for a slice of the summer fun!

    Spot Sheets

    To support the CBeebies Radio i-spy stories we have a series of Spot sheets for you to take along with you during the holidays. There are seven to play along with and an extra one so you little on can create their own.

    Car Spot sheet

    Seaside Spot sheet

    Park Spot sheet

    Home Spot sheet

    Airport Spot sheet

    Farm Spot sheet

    Shopping Spot sheet

    Have fun spotting!


    Does your little one like to act all grown-up? If so then they will love having their very own CBeebies passport complete with stickers of their favourite CBeebies friends, to stick in when they have visited a variety of places throughout the holidays. You could also stick in objects as a reminder of your holidays!

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