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CBeebies is refreshing the Bedtime Hour for Spring!

Cerrie sitting in the bunk beds

Refreshing the Bedtime Hour for Spring!

We understand that the Bedtime Hour is an important part of many a family’s routine so we want to let you know what the changes are and when they’re happening.

From Monday 30th April at 6pm, “Driver Dan’s Story Train” will move into the Bedtime Hour then we welcome back “Charlie and Lola” at 6:10pm followed by “In The Night Garden” and the “CBeebies Bedtime Story”, as always at the end of the day.

Fans of “Waybuloo” will still be able to see the Piplings everyday on CBeebies at 6:25am, weekdays at 11:35am and weekends at 1pm. “The Adventures of Abney and Teal” also returns to a tea-time slot from 30th April, with brand new episodes at 5.45pm.

We do make changes to our Bedtime Hour line-up periodically to make sure we’re offering something for every viewer.

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