Bobinogs - Where Do Eggs Come From?

Learn about the beginnings of foods


This fun activity is great for extending your child's knowledge of the world around them as they learn where food comes from (eg eggs from a hen, apples grow on a tree). Your child has to answer each question by working out which picture is correct. And they can practise their numeracy skills by counting the things they have found.

How to extend the fun

You could extend this activity by making use of the bonus print-out at the end of this game. Once your child has played the games online, they will enjoy practising their skills with a pencil and paper.

How to make a magic moment

Play a fun little counting game together. Use whatever you like to count with - some fruit (eg apples or raisins) or some of your child's toys. Blow a pretend whistle and then shout out a random number. See if your child can count out the correct number of items. Then swap over, get your child to shout out a number, and you do the counting. Your child will love you joining in.

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