What's The Big Idea - Clips

This activity should take 5 mins

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Hugo and friends

About this activity

Watch some clips from the programme What's The Big Idea? together with your little one. The programme is CBeebies first foray into covering philosphy for children, and is aimed at getting their little minds thinking about topics that maybe familiar to them in a different light.

Why not watch the clip together and at the end ask them what they think about the topic. The idea is that they use this as a chance to develop key skills such as critical thinking and discussion. Can they see different peoples point of view? Talk through with them other opinions and why all views are valid.

We hope that through enjoying Hugo’s adventures in the series, they will also find themselves relating to his experiences and maybe developing questions of their own. If you'd like more information on the programme, please do visit our What's The Big Idea? programme page.

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