What's That Noise?

Listen to some sounds and see if you can work out which creature was making each noise


This listening game is great for developing a child's problem-solving skills. It will also aid their ability to concentrate - they will have to focus on the task at hand as they match the sound with the picture on the screen. The game will also help to increase their knowledge an understanding of the natural world.

How to extend the fun

When you're next outside listen out for some noises and see if your child can guess what or who is making them. You might hear a bird singing, a cow mooing in a field, a lorry driving past, a person talking on their mobile or perhaps a baby crying.

How to make a magic moment

Take it in turns to make different animal noises and see if you can guess what the other is pretending to be. You should have a giggle or two as you monkey around!

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