Wesak - Animal Mask

Print-outs and Instructions for making Wesak Animal masks

This activity should take 5 mins

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Animal mask


These masks are quick and simple to make. Let your child choose an animal, then just print out the template and then let your child colour it in. It's a good activity for developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as they try to keep a steady grip on their colouring pen and keep within the lines. You might need to help them fix the stick in place at the end.

How to extend the magic

Pretend to be the animal on your mask - you could thud about elephant, jump like a monkey or prowl like a tiger. Make some animal noises too! Then take a rest from your animal antics and click through to the Watch & Listen area of the CBeebies website and select 'Seasonal'. Take a look at 'Preparing for Wesek'' to find out how one girl gets ready for this Buddhist festival.

Do this activity on CBeebies