Wacky Weather

Choose what Nat or Pete should wear for the weather outside

This activity should take 15 mins

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Character and all weather gear


Can you match Nat and Pete's outfits to the weather outside? Look at the weather symbols and then choose the most appropriate clothes Pete or Nat should wear for the weather.

How to extend the fun

This game allows your child to think for themselves, considering a number of different possibilities for clothing and choosing the correct one. They'll learn how different weather conditions require us to wear different sorts of clothes. You could extend this activity by sorting through the clothes in your own wardrobe, or that of your child, and asking them to identify the most appropriate clothing for sunny days, rainy days etc.

How to make a magic moment

Have fun dressing Pete or Nat up in the most random outfits and see if your choice is a good one when they step outside. You'll both laugh at, for example, seeing Pete dressed in a coat and carrying a sledge when it's sunny outside ... but remember, of course, to remind your child of the reasons behind any incorrect choices of clothing so that they know how to dress appropriately for the weather.

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