Bits and Bobs - Trug's Matching Game

Match up objects and learn about what they do


This fun game encourages children to think about a number of different possibilities and make the correct choice. The game involves matching up objects shown on the screen. Your child then has to work out what the object is used for - so it's a good activity for developing their problem-solving skills.

How to extend the fun

You could extend this activity by showing your child various objects around the house (eg a hat, a clock, a rucksack, a saucepan, a mug) and seeing if they can name the object and tell you what the object is sesd for. A high five for each correct answer!

How to make a magic moment

Bits and Bobs sing a catchy little tune in between the three stages of the game. Why not sing along with Bits and Bobs when you hear the music start up again? Go on, 'We're trugging along...' Have fun singing it a squeaky high-pitched voice and then in a very low-pitched voice and share a giggle together.

Do this activity on CBeebies

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