Tree Fu Tom Spell School on CBeebies Radio

How the spells have been designed to help children with movement difficulties and conditions such as dyspraxia.

This activity should take 30 mins

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Treetog teaching at Spell School

About Spell School

‘Tree Fu Spell School’ on CBeebies Radio is a chance for your Sprites to join Tom and Treetog in Treetopolis and hone their Tree Fu moves!

These are brand new Tree Fu adventures, produced especially for radio, each episode of ‘Tree Fu Spell School’ focuses on practising the movement skills needed for a single Big World Magic spell from the TV series, through fun physical games and challenges that listeners can join in with.

The climax of each episode comes in the Challenge Chamber, where Tom and the sprites face a problem that only the Big World Magic spell they have been learning can solve. Listeners will have to apply everything they’ve learned and carefully follow the moves Tom describes in order to help him save the day – working together to make Big World Magic!

All the spell movements, activities and games in Tree Fu Spell School have been designed by occupational and physical therapists and developed from techniques used to help children with movement difficulties and conditions such as dyspraxia (which affects around 10% of children), but practising them can enhance the physical and neurological development of all Spell School pupils.

Between the ages of 2 and 7, we learn the vast majority of the movement skills we’ll need for later life, meaning that it’s really important for all children to be exposed to the whole range of movements they need in order to reach developmental milestones and realise their full potential.

Each movement sequence or activity in Tree Fu Tom Spell School aims to offer listening Sprites guided experience of as many as possible of the 12 crucial areas of motor skill, strength, balance, coordination and neurological development – not to mention initiating them into the world of Tree Fu, and teaching them how to help Tom make Big World Magic!

CBeebies Radio and Tree Fu Spell School are available to listen online or to download, so that your Sprites can help Tom save the day in Treetopolis wherever they are – and you can be sure they’re moving in a way that helps their development (and burning off some excess energy along the way).

Enroll your little one in Tree Fu Spell School today – Tom needs their help!

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