Tree Fu Tom - Magic Dash

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Tree Fu Tom - Magic Dash

Magic Dash is a simple, yet challenging and rewarding platform game that allows children to journey across the magical world of Treetopolis and help Tom and his friends.

The game follows what happens when Zigzoo's weather machine robot stops working and Tom needs his friends' help to save the day. The aim of the game is to jump and collect as much magic sap as possible to help Zigzoo fix his robot and get things back to normal. There are four fun areas of Treetopolis in which to play; the Caverns, the Pond, the Ranch and the Treetops. Each area is unique and vibrant and offers its own exciting challenges. Players will need to jump to avoid the slime weeds and grumbleberry bushes, as running into these will make Tom drop the magic sap!

Top tip: watch out for the Super Shield that will protect players from the slime weeds, and the Mega Magnetiser which will pull all of the magic sap towards Tom and make it easier to collect.

Reflecting the spirit of the TV show, Magic Dash is a fun, action packed game set to capture the imagination of little ones as they jump, move and create magic through movement - with spells in each area that open up new opportunities and even more rewards.

We understand that Tree Fu Tom is probably most enjoyed by the older end of the CBeebies audience, but we have carefully designed and created the game to be as inclusive as possible to our varied audience. Young children and children with SEN can easily control gameplay with one button interaction if preferred (mouse, spacebar or switch) whilst our older Tree Fu fans can take advantage of the extra elements (like Super Sap, the Super Shield and the Mega Magnetiser) for a fun and rewarding experience for all ages.

The game can help children to improve their processing ability by allowing them to practice visual tracking and perceptual awareness. The mouse and keyboard manipulation acquired by playing this game can help develop fine motor skills, i.e. the ability to use fingers and thumbs in a precise and controlled manner, which is particularly important for developing the skills needed to hold and manipulate objects such as pencils.

To find out more, visit the Tree Fu Tom website

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