Something Special - Transport Snap

Match pictures to photos, symbols, signs or audio

This activity should take 5 mins

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Something Special - Transport Snap


This matching game is easy to play (just press the space bar) and great for helping to develop your child's thinking and problem-solving skills. It can be played in four different ways - your child can choose whether they'd like to match the picture (of a plane, car, train or boat) to a photo, symbol, sign or audio (word being spoken by Justin). If they want to, they could have a go at all four ways.

How to extend the fun

Make up your own game of transport snap. You'll need to help your child with this. Cut out 20 pieces of white card and on 5 of them draw the Makaton symbol for a plane, then on the next 5 draw the symbol for a car, then 5 with the train symbol and the last 5 with the boat symbol. Shuffle up the cards and away you go!

How to make a magic moment

See if you can make the sounds associated with the four types of transport featured in the game of snap. You could 'CHOO CHOO' like a train, go 'BRUMMM, BRUMMM' like a car, go 'NEEEEE-OW' like a plane in the sky or 'RIPPLE, RIPPLE' through the water like a boat.

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