Tommy Zoom Comic - Food Fight

Have fun telling Tommy's story

This activity should take 30 mins

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Comic food fight


This printable comic book is great for stimulating your child's imagination and creativity. They can have fun telling you the story depicted in the comic and they can add extra sheets if they wish to draw extra pictures and extend Tommy's adventures. The make also helps your child to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they colour in the pictures and then attach the sheets together to form the booklet.

How to extend the magic

Your child could create their own comic book - they could invent some superhero characters or use some characters from CBeebies shows. Encourage them to let their imagination run wild - they could set their adventure in space, underwater, in a magical land far way. If they want to, they could add some captions to explain what is happening in their story. You could help them out with any parts of the comic they find tricky.

Do this activity on CBeebies