Tiny Tumble Bubble Art Game

This activity should take 15 mins

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Tiny Tumble

About the game

Tiny Tumble Bubble Art encourages children of all abilities to get creative online by popping paint filled bubbles to colour simple pictures. Once all of the bubbles have been popped, players are rewarded by their picture coming to life!

Following on from our recent Something Special games, Tumble Tapp Snap and Out and About our goal has been to produce a game that can be enjoyed by as many CBeebies fans as possible. For this reason, we have worked alongside children with special educational needs (SEN) to develop a range of settings for the game - allowing it to be controlled, displayed and played in a number of different ways...

How to play

Help Tiny Tumble by simply popping the bubbles as they float past the picture!

On your mobile and tablets you can pop the bubbles by tapping the screen, whilst on your computer you can choose to use your mouse, space bar or even your webcam!

Using a webcam enables children to pop the bubbles just by waving their arms – great for children who have difficulty using a keyboard or mouse (it’s also a fun way to play).

Customising Settings on your Computer, Tablet and Mobile

Just select the cog button or the S key on your keyboard to access the Settings Menu. This function will help you to tailor the game to your child’s needs.

There are a couple of main options that work well for most children, and for more detailed settings you can choose the Custom option.

Custom Settings

  • Difficulty and Display You are able to change the speed and frequency of the bubbles, ranging from a very fast challenging game all the way through to a single large stationary bubble to pop. You can also change how the game looks, removing the adult (sound, settings etc) buttons and selecting full-screen mode for desktop computers, which is great for avoiding distraction or clicking on the wrong thing, and also works well for interactive whiteboards in schools.

  • Mouse, Spacebar or Webcam? The game has been designed to work with a mouse, a webcam, or the space bar. If you’re using a mouse, you can choose the size and colour of the pointer.

  • Tapping or Swiping on mobile? Sometimes the motor skills required to swipe at the screen is too much for some children. For that reason there is a setting that allows you to choose between swiping and tapping.
  • For further information on how we develop games for children with SEN, check out our Tumble Tapp Snap blog and our Something Special Out and About games page.

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