Tinga Tinga Tales - Tinga Tinga Tales Game

Take challenges on a safari adventure trail with Monkey

This activity should take 15 mins

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Tinga game


This interactive game takes your child on a safari adventure trail with Monkey and his friends in Africa. It's great for developing your child's computer skills and understanding of the world as they click on objects and take challenges while learning about the animals they meet. Your child can also have a go at creating their own animal from jumbled up parts of the Tinga Tinga creatures.

How to extend the fun

Ask your child what they know about the animals that appeared in the game. Which one was their favourite? Which animal has a mane, which one has a trunk and which one likes to wallow in water?

How to make a magic moment

Pretend to be cheeky monkeys together (your child shouldn't find that hard!). Make lots of 'OOO-OOO-OOH' noises, pretend to swing from the treetops and nibble bananas. You could groom each other and curl up together for a little sleep.

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