Tikkabilla Clock Make

Practise telling the time

This activity should take 60 mins

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Assembling this paper clock is a great way of teaching your child how to tell the time. It also helps to develop your child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they cut out, decorate and stick the sun rays to the edge of the clock face to create the sun effect. There are a few tricky steps (eg attaching the paper fasteners to make the hands move) so you'll need to help your child with some of the make.

How to extend the magic

Stretch your arms out and pretend they are the arms of a clock! See if your child can guess what time you are making with your arms (eg both arms together above your head for midday). Then click through to the Boogie Beebies pages on the CBeebies website and select the 'At Home Songs.' In there, you'll find a song called 'Tick Tock Clock'. Click on it and have some fun together dancing along and pretending to be clocks!

Do this activity on CBeebies