Swashbuckle Yourself

This activity should take 30 mins

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Alex as a pirate

About this activity

Swashbuckle is a pirate game show on CBeebies set on a massive, purpose-built soft-play pirate ship.

In this game children can upload a photo of themselves, then watch as they get ‘Swashbuckled’ - transformed into a pirate, complete with eye-patches, beards, and pirate head gear!

  • You can either upload a photo or to take one with a webcam (if using the webcam, you need to click the small green ‘allow’ button when it pops up)
  • You can adjust the facial features so that the eyes, nose and mouth are in the right place
  • Then press done and wait for the Octopus’ tentacles to work their magic
  • Ta da! One scary little pirate…
  • NB – This game is only available on computers - it won’t work on mobiles or tablets.

    Do this activity on CBeebies

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