Swashbuckle Adventures

This activity should take 15 mins

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Swashbuckle Adventures

About this activity

Help Gem and the Swashbucklers to win all the jewels before the time runs out. If you’re successful you can spin the wheel and watch one of the naughty pirates walk the plank into the disgusting ship’s mess!

Pirate Cannons
This game has been developed to test children’s reaction times – encouraging them to target the ships and knock them down before they disappear under the waves. This is no mean feat, as the speed of the ships increases on each level, and there are even a couple of pesky pirates getting in the way!

Stepping Stones
Build up concentration and timing skills by helping the swashbuckler cross the ball pit before the time runs out. This might seem like a simple case of jumping across the stepping stones, but watch-out, because not all the ‘stones’ are what they seem!

Bouncy Sails
Stretch sorting skills by getting the sea creatures into the correct baskets before the time runs out. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But wait until Cook and Line start causing trouble by adding more creatures and swapping the baskets around.

Shipwreck Rummage
Little ones need to find their way through the ship to collect the jewel, but make sure to change direction at the right time to avoid the obstacles in the way – especially when Cook starts dropping pearls to slow them down!

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