Summer Scrapbook

Collection of activities to get children out enjoying the natural world.

This activity should take 30 mins

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Summer Scapbook

About Summer Scrapbook

As summer has come to an end we will soon be moving the Summer Scrapbook to a new home on the CBeebies site. Please make sure you print out your little one’s scrapbook before the end of October to keep a record their summer adventures.

This summer is the BBC Summer of Wildlife so all summer at CBeebies we are encouraging everyone to learn about wildlife and explore the natural world around them. To help you get your little ones out there we have created this Scrapbook maker. It is a collection of customisable activities all about wildlife and the natural world to enable your child to get out and enjoy, explore and learn about wildlife this summer.

There are a selection of spot sheets – easily recognisable creatures and plants that your child might spot while they are out and about. These will come in handy on walks to help keep your child focused and to start to get them to notice and identify the wildlife around them. There are some great activity sheets including a dot-to-dot, paint by numbers and lots of lovely wildlife themed puzzle activities.

All the activities can be completed online, using all the sticker, painting and drawing tools available or can be printed out and used offline so that you can take it with you and enjoying filling it in while you are out and about observing wildlife first-hand!

There is a ‘sticker maker’ option that can be found on the ‘home’ screen. Here you can create personalised text and photo badges to add to the scrapbook. Photos of friends and family could be uploaded and added into one of the nature scene colouring in pages making the scrapbook unique and personal to your child.

Each new page is selected from the ‘make a page’ section, then once all the creative additions are done make sure to save the page and it will be added to the ‘my pages’ section. From ‘my pages’ you can print the scrapbook ready for your child to get out there spotting wildlife and recording all their summer adventures!

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