Sporty Summer Passport

Help your child get active this summer with their own Summer Passport

This activity should take 30 mins

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CBeebies Sporty Summer Passport

About Sporty Summer Passport

If your child needs some encouragement to get active this summer then CBeebies has the perfect resource. The Sporty Summer Passport is great for those little ones that like to act like a grown-up and have a passport of their very own. You simply print out the pages and assemble the passport, then hand it over to your child for them to fill in with pictures, colours and different activity stickers. Each sticker is designed to encourage your child to try a different activity this summer. Or maybe you and your little one could each have a passport and you could each get a sticker when you try the activity together.

There will be new stickers added every 2 weeks. There are stickers to collect for everything from going for a walk to doing some groovy moves or giving tennis a try. Each sticker features a CBeebies character which can help motivate your child to try the activity to get the sticker for their passport. Topsy and Tim, Boj, Sarah and Duck and Mr Bloom are just a few of the CBeebies favourites that feature on the stickers.

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