Razzledazzle - Sound Around

Click the sound effect that matches the picture on screen

This activity should take 15 mins

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Razzledazzle, drum kit and sound pictures


This listening game is easy to play - your child just has to click on the sound effect that matches the picture they see on the screen. The game extends their knowledge of the world around them as they learn to make the connection between what they see and what they hear - whether it's new sounds or sounds they already know.

How to extend the fun

When you're next in the garden or your local park, listen out for all the sounds around you. Can you hear the wind blowing through the trees, birds singing, lawns being mowed, children playing, dogs scampering around, footballs being kicked? You'll be amazed at all the sounds you'll hear if you listen carefully.

How to make a magic moment

Play a sound game together - take it in turns to think of something and then make the sound (eg DING DONG = doorbell; NEE-NA, NEE-NA = fire engine; MIAOW = cat). You could act out the thing you're thinking of too.

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