Something Special Tumble Tapp Game

To celebrate Mr Tumble’s latest series, CBeebies has created a Something Special Tumble Tapp game...

About Tumble Tapp Snap

‘Tumble Tapp Snap’ is a simple matching game that allows children to help Mr Tumble and his friends “find the same” objects. The level of difficulty can be altered in the settings, to allow any child to feel confident playing with their favourite Something Special characters.

Following in the footsteps of our Something Special: Out and About games, Tumble Tapp Snap has been carefully developed to suit the widest range of children, including those with special educational needs (SEN). And in honour of Mr Tumble embracing the latest touchscreen technologies, this game is also available on mobile and tablet devices which includes specially developed Settings that enable SEN children to tailor the mobile devices to suit their own physical abilities (for more information on the mobile settings, see below).

The clutter-free design minimises distractions to provide a simple, attractive game that encourages children to identify high frequency key words and try matching identical and/or non-identical objects. Children are asked to help with everyday challenges, such as shopping with Aunt Polly, and choosing clothes with Lord Tumble, which are both key scenarios used to encourage environmental awareness and independence for students with SEN.

Children with SEN often require assistance when using computers and tablets. But, as far as possible, this game can be enjoyed with little or no supervision.

Customising Settings on your Mobile

Mobiles and tablets are becoming an increasingly useful tool for SEN users who respond well to the direct contact and immediacy of touch devices. However, every child is different, and Tumble Tapp Snap’s mobile settings have been designed to allow you to customise the mobile experience to suit the child’s own cognitive and motor abilities:

  • Tapping v Swiping - the motor skills required to swipe at the screen is too much for some children. For that reason there is a setting that allows you to choose between swiping and tapping.
  • Saving your settings - mobile devices may be shared between multiple children at home or in a classroom, so the Tumble Tapp game allows you to save the settings for each child.
  • Choosing your favourite characters - not all the matching games in Tumble Tapp Snap may inspire your child. They may feel intimidated by being asked to match clothes with Lord Tumble, or they may only want to match animals with Mr Tumble. For this reason, we’ve included a setting where you can remove any characters you think your child could do without.
  • Difficulty - our goal has been to produce a game that can be enjoyed by as many children as possible. For this reason, the settings can be adjusted so that the matching game has no wrong answers, meaning that every child can enjoy completing a game and being congratulated by Mr Tumble. Additionally, the speed of images and length of the games can be altered to allow the child to go at their own pace.
  • Identical v Non-identical images - being able to match images is a vital stage in cognitive development. Tumble Tapp Snapp has been designed to develop with the child from early ‘identical image’ matching, to more advanced ‘non-identical image’ matching.

To check out the Settings on the mobile version Tumble Tapp Snap, simply click on the cog symbol and have a look around at the options. If you don’t have time to customise the settings, there are quick and easy presets.

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How to Play

Playing Tumble Tapp Snap is simple – just choose your favourite Tumbleton character and you’ll be asked to help them go shopping, bake a cake or spend a day at the farm. Mr Tumble will be your guide, telling you what objects you need - then simply use the bright orange arrows to find them!

Clicking on the cog symbol will give you access to the settings – so you can decide if you want to match identical or non-identical images, depending on how hard you want the game to be!

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