Teletubbies - Sliding Down The Hill

Use your arrow keys to help a Teletubby down a snowy hill

This activity should take 5 mins

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Laa Laa and snow scene


This very simple game is perfect for younger children who are just getting the hang of using a computer and mastering how to use a keyboard. They just have to pick a Teletubby and click on the left and right arrow keys to help them down a snowy hill. There are two levels of difficulty (easy and hard) for your child to try out.

How to extend the fun

Have a chat about snow. Ask your child what they know about it? Explain that when it snows it feels very cold outside. Snow falls during the winter time. Children like to play in the snow, building snowmen, making snowballs and riding on sledges down hills - just like the Teletubbies did in the game.

How to make a magic moment

Pretend you are whizzing down a snowy slope on a sledge. Sit on a chair with your child on your lap and move from side to side. Hold on tight and off you go. WHEEEEEE!

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