Show Me Show Me Game

Explore the playroom and try out different activities

This activity should take 15 mins

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Chris, Pui and Show Me Show Me games


This interactive game allows your child to explore the playroom and try out activities featured on the TV show - they can watch what happens when they play with the toys, they can have a go at a counting game, make a picture, listen to a story, go on a cloud hunt - and join in with some groovy moves! So there are plenty of fun ways to practise lots of different skills.

How to extend the fun

Ask your child who their favourite person or toy is from Show Me Show Me. What makes them special? If you're not familiar with the show, click through to the Song Time section where you can watch (and sing!) some of the songs together.

How to make a magic moment

Get on your feet and have a dance together. Just click on the 'Groovy Moves' area in the playroom and join in with plenty of wiggles, jumps and stretches!

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