Teletubbies - Shape Game

Try this simple shape recognition game

This activity should take 5 mins

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Dipsy and circle


This simple shape recognition game is perfect for younger children who are learning to identify shapes and work out the similarities and differences between them. The game is easy to play - your child just has to choose a Teletubby, click on them with their mouse (or you could do it for them) and watch to see what shape appears.

How to extend the fun

Take a look around you and point out some shapes to your child. Show them your mobile phone or computer screen (for a rectangle), a wheel on a toy or the rim of a cup (for a circle). You could also cut out some shapes from a piece of cardboard and practise shape recognition with your child.

How to make a magic moment

Grab some paper and a pen and draw a shape. Then turn that shape into something, eg a circle becomes the centre of a flower, a triangle becomes a sail on a boat. See if your child can tell you the shape you first drew - and what you created from that shape. A high-five for every correct answer!

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