Sew your own CBeebies Bug

Make your little one their very own CBeebies Bug.

This activity should take Half a day

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CBeebies Bug

About this activity

Those fun bouncy yellow CBeebies bugs have develoepd quite a fan base so we have made our very own! They are quite easy to put together, you could even just use glue if you didn't want to attempt the sewing.

You will need:

  • Yellow, white and black felt
  • Pencil or chalk
  • Needle, thread and scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Glue
  • What to do:

    Step 1
    Fold the piece of yellow felt in half. With the pencil draw the bug shape onto the felt. Your bug can be whatever size or shape you like. There are lots of bugs on the CBeebies site that you can look at for ideas. Then cut this shape out going through both pieces of felt so you have two of the same bug shapes.

    Step 2
    Use the needle and thread to sew around the edge of the bug. Make sure to leave a gap for stuffing.

    Step 3
    Stuff the bug with toy stuffing and then sew up the gap.

    Step 4
    Draw your eye shape onto the white felt and cut them out. Also cut out small black felt circles for the centre of the eyes and a mouth shape. You can either glue these on to the bug or sew them on. Then you will have a finished bug ready for a cuddle!

    We'd love to see the results of your efforts so please share your pictures with us on the CBeebies Grown-ups Facebook Page ( or via @CBeebiesHQ on Twitter.

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