Sesame Tree - Scrapbook

Choose the correct pictures to go in the scrapbook's blank spaces

This activity should take 5 mins

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Scrapbook text


This matching game will help to develop your child's thinking and problem-solving skills. They have to drag and drop pictures onto the correct space in the scrapbook. It's simple and fun to play and will also extend your child's knowledge and understanding of the natural world as they work out which pictures are linked (eg a picture of a spider matches up with a picture of a web).

How to extend the fun

Your child could have a go at making their own scrapbook. They could stick in some pictures of their favourite things, leaves or feathers they find, mementoes from holidays or days out, and so on. You could find a photo of your child to put on the cover.

How to make a magic moment

Play a game of 'Who am I?' Give your child some clues and see if they can match the clues to the person or creature you are thinking of (eg for a squirrel - they eat nuts and live in trees). Then let your child have a go - see if you can guess what they're talking about!

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