Tommy Zoom - Save The World In A Zoom

Use your keyboard skills to collect items and save the world from baddies

This activity should take 15 mins

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Save the World game


This game will help develop your child's keyboard skills and extend their knowledge and understanding of the world as they try to save the world from environmental baddies. Your child will have to concentrate hard as they're up against the clock on this mission! They'll need to be nifty with the arrow keys in order to collect what they need - and dodge unwanted items hurtling towards them.

How to extend the fun

If you're not familiar with the show, click through to the Watch & Listen section and take a look at some Tommy Zoom clips together (there are 14 videos to choose from). You could ask your child what kind of superpowers they would like to have if they could go off on missions with Tommy and his faithful hound, Daniel.

How to make a magic moment

Pretend you are superheroes. Give yourselves superhero names. Put on your special outfit and get ready to channel your superpowers! Have a zoom around your room as you prepare for blast-off on your latest mission to save the world!

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