Same Smile Panda

Have fun creating this cuddly toy

This activity should take 60 mins

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Same Smile panda


This cuddly toy is quite complicated to make. You'll need to do most of the work yourself as it's too tricky for little hands (there's lots of cutting and sewing involved). However, your child can help you along the way and they'll enjoy pushing the stuffing into the panda at the end. Encourage your child to investigate the different textures and materials (fake fur, cotton, felt, wool) and see if they can describe their differences and similarities and explain what they feel like.

How to extend the magic

Why not take your lovely Same Smile Panda on a little tour of your home? Explore all the rooms together and pick out some of your favourite things. Your child could introduce Panda to their other cuddly toys. Or how about having a pretend picnic with Panda and some other toys? You could have the picnic indoors or outside. Just lay down a rug and get to know your new cuddly friend.

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