Brum - Rescue the Gold

Help Brum return stolen bags of gold- but watch out for the obstacles

This activity should take 5 mins

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Brum Rescue the Gold game


Help Brum rescue some stolen bags of gold and return them to the bank. Watch out for the obstacles and remind Brum to pick up the bags by pressing the space bar which will beep his horn.

How to extend the fun

This game will help your child's hand-eye coordination and movement skills. You could extend this activity by reinforcing the idea that Brum always comes to the rescue and teaching your child how Brum is doing a good deed by returning the stolen gold to the bank.

How to make a magic moment

Why not let yourself go and mimic Brum yourself as your child plays the game? Some car-driving actions and 'beep beep' noises from you will make them smile as they help Brum pick up the bags of gold.

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