Razzledazzle - Ready To Rhyme

Listen to a poem and the rhyming repetition, and click on the correct rhyming picture

This activity should take 5 mins

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Razzledazzle, rhyme text and three options


This fun rhyming game is easy to play and great at developing their literacy skills. Your child just has to listen to a poem and the rhyming repetition - and click on the correct rhyming picture. If your child is starting to recognise letters and decode words you can point out the word and the matching picture too.

How to extend the fun

Make a list of 5 words beginning with a letter, eg. 'H' and think of a word which rhymes with each one (eg hen - pen; hat - bat; hard - card; hot - dot). Choose another letter and do the same thing.

How to make a magic moment

Make up your own silly rhyme, limerick or nonsense poem. You could start off with: 'There once was a child called ...' The sillier the rhyme the better!

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