Purim - Gragger

Instructions on making a Gragger for Purim

This activity should take 5 mins

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This simple make allows your child to have fun experimenting with sound. Let them really go for it - see how loud they can rattle their gragger (shaker). It will also help to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they help construct and decorate it.

How to extend the magic

Explain that graggers are used during the Jewish festival of Purim. People make as much noise as they can by rattling them really hard. Click through to the Watch & Listen area of the CBeebies website and select 'Seasonal'. Take a look at 'Preparing for Purim' to find out how two girls get ready for this Jewish festival. You could also click through to the Story Time area of the site and select 'Purim Story' to find out more about Queen Esther and how she saved the Jewish people.

Do this activity on CBeebies