Time To Celebrate

Create a celebration message with a character featuring in it

This activity should take 5 mins

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Create a celebration message for your child (or a child you know). Select their name, gender and age, as well as the appropriate festival or celebration - and then choose a presenter to read the message and a CBeebies character to feature in it. Preview the message before sending it via your email (or their guardian's email address if you are sending it to a relation or friend's child).

How to extend the fun

Take a look at the Let's Celebrate pages on the Cbeebies website - there are stories, clips from the show and things to make and colour, as well as a Let's Celebrate game and song. Let your child find out more about the different religious and cultural festivals featured.

How to make a magic moment

If you've sent a celebration message to your child, sit them on your lap and tell them that a very special message has arrived from CBeebies.

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