Postman Pat- Postman Pat and Friends

Learn about a post office using this game

This activity should take 5 mins

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Postman Pat and friends in Post Office


This simple game allows your child to have a look around a post office - and, in doing so, to extend their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. They can have a go at filling in a postcard or weighing some parcels for Pat.

How to extend the fun

Talk about how people send parcels in the post - they need to be wrapped, weighed, paid for and posted. Show your child some coins. See if they can identify the numbers on them. Then you could put them into little piles (eg all the 2ps together, all the 5ps together etc) and see if they can count how many coins are in each pile.

How to make a magic moment

Play a little 'let's pretend' game together. Find a few things from the toy box which you can pretend to wrap, weigh, pay for and post. Perhaps you could be behind the counter and your child could be the customer. That'll be £50 to post that parcel!

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