Sesame Tree - Plant A Forest

Create your very own forest

This activity should take 15 mins

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Forest scene


This magic paintbox game lets your child get creative and experiment with colour - without making a mess! Once they have designed each tree, they can plant it in a woodland setting and create their very own forest. They can print out their artwork at the end of the game.

How to extend the fun

Ask your child what they know about trees. You could talk about how a nut or seed grows into a baby tree and how the trees grow bigger over time. You could also talk about the different types of trees - and how some trees are evergreen and how others shed their leaves each autumn.

How to make a magic moment

Go for an imaginary walk together in the deep, dark wood! What will you find there? Will there be owls swooping past, badgers playing in the moonlight and bats circling above? Let your child lead the way...

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