Pingu- Pingu Dominoes

Play this drag and drop domino game

This activity should take 5 mins

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Pingu and dominoes game


This domino game is simple and fun - your child just has to use the mouse to drag and drop the dominoes into place. There are two levels (easy and hard) - the harder level involves matching the number of dots and pictures. This game is great for developing numeracy and problem-solving skills as your child works out which domino to select.

How to extend the fun

Have a go at making your own game of dominoes. Cut out 30 rectangular pieces of card and draw a black line down the middle. Write two different numbers on every card - put one on the left of the black line and the other number on the right. When you have filled in all the pieces of card, shuffle them up and divide them out between the two of you. You're now ready to play!

How to make a magic moment

Pretend to be strutting penguins like Pingu and his family! Waddle round the room together and imagine that you're pitter-pattering across the ice.

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