Koala Brothers - Pick Up A Parcel

Have fun with the Koala Brothers as you try to catch as many parcels as possible in one minute


This simple catching game is great for younger children who are just getting the hang of using a computer. Your child just has to move the mouse around from left to right to grab as many parcels as possible as they drop out of the post bag and fall through the air.

How to extend the fun

You could have a game of pass the parcel with your little one and their favourite cuddly toys. Get some old newspaper, find something in the toy box which could be the prize and do some wrapping together. Once you have about 5 layers of newspaper, start the game of pass the parcel. Who will win - you, your child or teddy? Ready, set, go!

How to make a magic moment

Why not have a quick game of 'catch' with your child? Catching and throwing games are great for improving your child's fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination. You could use a soft toy instead of a ball if you prefer. A 'high five' for you both at the end!

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