Doodle Do - Paint Pot Pick-up

Great for practising fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

This activity should take 15 mins

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Paint Pot Picker Game


Two games in one. The Tracing Game involves identifying shapes by using the mouse to trace over them. 'Paint Pot Pick-Up' allows your child to experiment with different colours and practise their computer skills as they try to stop their favourite Doodle Doer from being tickled.

How to extend the fun

After your child has played the Tracing Game, let them have a go at doing some real tracing. Grab a piece of paper, create some shapes out of dots and then see if your child can trace over them with a pencil. Great for practising their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they hold the pencil and form the shapes.

How to make a magic moment

With all that Doodle Do tickling going on in the Paint Pot Pick-Up game, what better excuse than to get your tickling hands out and share some giggles! Guaranteed to put a big smile on both your faces.

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