Boogie Beebies - Obstacle Olympics

Run and obstacle race and learn about exercise

This activity should take 15 mins

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Cable slide


Run an obstacle race! Firstly, warm up by using the space bar then select some healthy snacks that you'll have as pit stops during the race. Use the arrow keys to run and the space bar to jump over obstacles.

How to extend the fun

This game not only helps with your child's hand-eye coordination and movement skills but also teaches them some things about exercise. They are taught that it's important to warm up before exercising and are asked to think about what snacks would be healthy and a good choice for refuelling after exercise. You could extend this activity by putting these ideas into practise - you and your child could enjoy a warm up in the house, play an energetic game outside then come back inside and enjoy a healthy snack!

How to make a magic moment

Encourage your child to use the space bar so that the Boogie Beebies character is sufficiently warmed up for the race. Then you can have some fun selecting the healthy snacks for your pit stops. Suggest some snacks that are obviously not the best choice and ask your child to explain why they shouldn't pick them. They'll love proving they made the right choice and will learn more about healthy eating along the way!

Do this activity on CBeebies