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The Numtums

About the Numtums Games

Numtums is a fun, energetic television show and website created to help little ones develop vital maths skills. The Numtums are ten cuddly creatures with numbers on their tummies. Numtums love to dance (especially with children!), dress-up, play, tickle, fly and, most of all, count.

The first series of Numtums mixes catchy sing-along counting songs and comical skits that will help little ones recognise the shapes of numbers and remember what order they should be in. All this counting goes on in a funny, bouncy world that is sometimes cartoon, sometimes real, and sometimes both.

The second series sees more advanced concepts like ordinal numbers and number bonds woven into exciting stories for older children (4-6 year olds) to give them a head start in maths when they get to primary school.

Some serious work went into creating Numtums. CBeebies consulted with top educational experts to devise brand new ways to engage and entertain young children, helping them to develop numeracy skills while laughing and playing.

Games from Series 2
These games focus on the heroic Super Numtum. They are interactive comic book style games where your little one has to use numbers to help Super Numtum put a stop to the nasty plans of Fluffy McTuffy. Flying Moles of Mischief is a counting game encouraging little ones to count up to ten via a funny, exciting storyline. These games have been made with the number elements tied into the story, and the maths drives the story along, so little ones will be learning while they are having fun.

Games from Series 1
Each of these short, funny number-learning games can be played one after another in a way that feels like your very own episode of Numtums.

You can pick whether to play alone or with a grown-up, whether to use a webcam, what numbers you want to focus on, or which type of game you like best. Playing is as simple as hitting the space bar on your keyboard, so even very young children will still be able to play.

In Poppedy Pop little ones can pop balloons by pressing the spacebar and count as they burst, or in Swipetum they wipe away the slime to reveal a number. In Number painting little ones can try painting a number in the air using web-cam motion control or in Quack Quack Numtums they move a toy duck into position and lower it into the correct empty position in the number-line using the space bar.

Children can enjoy as many or as few of these games as they like, or they can go back and play their favourite game again and again.

Educational value
Between the ages of two and a half and four, children are expected to be able to:

  • Say some number names in sequence
  • Recognise numbers 1-9
  • Count reliably up to 3/6/10 objects
  • Use number names accurately in play
  • Sometimes match number and quantity correctly
  • Use some mathematical language, such as 'more' and 'a lot'
  • Numtums shows and games provide a wealth of material created to help children do all of this and also give grown-ups an opportunity to share in a child’s development.

    You can help your child by reinforcing number names and shapes by counting together and talking to your child about numbers. You can also count things and spot numbers in everyday situations. There are lots more ideas for easy ways to weave maths into play in our Parents' Guide to Numeracy

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