Boogie Beebies - Noisy Nature

Click on objects to learn their sounds; then record your own

This activity should take 15 mins

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Beach scene


You can choose whether to create a Nature Scene or Nature Song. For Nature Scene, click on an object to listen to the sound it makes then click again to place it on the scene. Press Play once you have added all your objects to the scene. For Nature Song, click on all the objects to listen to the noises they make. Then listen to the music and watch Nat and Pete dance along to it. When you are ready, add your own noises by pressing Record and clicking on the different objects. Press Play again to listen to the song you have created!

How to extend the fun

This game not only helps your child's creative skills but they'll learn something about nature and the sounds that certain things make. You could extend this activity by having a walk in your local park and listening out for the sounds of nature!

How to make a magic moment

After a few goes of the Nature Song game, your child will get to know the tune really well. Why don't you both dance along with Nat and Pete? Especially when you have recorded a track featuring your own selected sounds!

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