Nina And The Neurons - Nina's Engineering Playground

Help Nina with different games. Use engineering skills to play the games and help the Neurons collect stars.

This activity should take 15 mins

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Nina's Engineering Playground

About Nina's Engineering Playground

Nina and the Neurons brings science to life for our young audience. In the new series, Nina and her five animated sense Neurons are focusing on engineering. Together they show us how aeroplanes fly, how bridges stay up and how robots work. Nina is joined by children from all over the UK to try out fun experiments in her workshop and visit some of the country's most impressive engineering achievements.

Nearly everything you can think of uses engineering in some way - it's all about solving problems and making things work better.

'Nina's Engineering Playground' is a selection of new mini-games that allow little ones to experiment and play with lots of engineering concepts, with the help of the Neurons, of course. There are seven games in all. The games tie in closely with the episodes of the show. Players can experiment with conveyor belts, hot air balloons and building blocks to help the Neurons collect shiny stars.

Nina and the Neurons now has a game for mobiles and tablets which gives children a fun and exciting introduction to Physics. 'Nina’s Workshop Drop' helps children to develop their thinking and decision-making skills, rewarding them with fun physics every time they play!

To play Nina’s Workshop Drop just go to from any compatible mobile or tablet.

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