Nina and the Neurons: Taste

This activity should take 60 mins

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taste experiment


This experiment is a fun way to help develop your child's knowledge and understanding of how their bodies work (in particular, their five senses) as they learn about how the saliva in their mouth affects their sense of taste. It’s a simple activity which just involves a napkin, a glass of water and a biscuit or cracker. Why not take part in the experiment with your child?

How to extend the magic

Have some fun together carrying out a taste test. Ask your child to close their eyes (or you could use a blindfold) as you get them to choose a few items of food off a plate (eg some raisins, a piece of apple, some cheese, a breadstick etc) and see if they can guess what the food is without looking at. Their sense of taste rather than sight will help identify the mystery food!

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