Something Special - Mr Tumble In The Jungle

Spot animals in the jungle and help Mr Tumble take photos

This activity should take 15 mins

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Jungle game


This animated game allows your child to join Mr Tumble on an adventure in the jungle. They just have to help Mr Tumble take photos of each animal by clicking on an animal when they spot it. The Makaton symbol for each animal is also displayed on the screen.

How to extend the fun

Click through to the Make & Colour section and print out the Makaton symbols for the five jungle animals Mr Tumble found (elephant, snake, monkey, crocodile and lion). See if your child recognises any of them.

How to make a magic moment

Have fun pretending to be the animals Mr Tumble found in the jungle. You could make the animal noises too - SNAP SNAP for the crocodile, HISS HISS for the snake...

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