Teletubbies - More Than One

Try this simple search and find game and click when you spot one of the Teletubbies

This activity should take 5 mins

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Teletubbies with Noo Noo


This very simple search-and-find game is perfect for younger children who are just getting the hang of using a computer and mastering how to use a mouse. All they have to do is click their mouse when they spot one of the Teletubbies.

How to extend the fun

Play the game with your child and ask them if they know the names of the four Teletubbies, and what colour they are. You could ask your child what else they can see in the background (flowers, grass, cloud, etc).

How to make a magic moment

Why not have a quick game of hide and seek yourselves? If you don't have much space, you could always cover yourself up with a sheet, blanket or some cushions and stay very still. There will be screams of excitement when they spot you!

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